Members - Another Round
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Drew Ferlmann

Naperville, IL

Career Aspirations: To be a doctor or doing something in the medical field.
Favorite IU moment: Every tailgate.
Favorite AR moment: Our annual retreat.
Little known fact: I do a mean Morgan Freeman impression.
Never have I ever: Eaten Sushi.

Jonathan Trubshaw

Milwaukee, WI

Favorite artist: The Beatles
Career aspirations: Working somewhere in the music field.
Favorite AR moment: The first night I got in the group.
Little known fact: I slept in a Hammock from 7th grade- Junior year.
Favorite sports team: PACKERS, best team in the world.

Ben Wertz

Indianapolis, IN

Favorite song to perform: Back Home Again in Indiana
Favorite IU moment: Little 500 for sure.
Little known fact: I cut off the tip of my finger when I was working out.
Favorite sports team: Go Pacers
Favorite Artist: Frank Ocean

Quinn Barney

Indianapolis, IN

Favorite song to perform: Gone
Favorite artist: Kanye West
Career aspirations: Produce film/music
Favorite IU moment: First time going to Kilroy's
Favorite AR moment: Group bop kitchen

Lars Feste

Downers Grove, IL

Favorite artist: Dave Matthews Band
Favorite song to perform: Gone
Favorite sports team: IUBB
Reason I came to IU: To audition for AR
Favorite AR moment: New member party

Mike Phipps

Carmel, IN

Favorite artist: B.o.B
Little known Fact: I used to have the Justin Bieiber hairdo
Career aspirations: Own my own business
Favorite song to sing: 12 Days of Christmas
Never have I ever: Seen either Dark Knight movie

Linc Smith

Vincennes, IN

Favorite Artist: Ray Charles
Favorite sports team: IUBB obviously
Favorite IU moment: Sitting behind the basket at an IUBB game
Favorite AR moment: AR concert after-parties
Little known fact: I have an older, less handsome brother who was in AR/IUSNC for 3 years

Coleman Wilson

Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite artist: Justin Timberlake
Career aspiration: To be the next Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
Favorite song to perform: Don’t Have To Change
Reasons for Coming to IU: Ladies, music (AR of course), business, and the glorious festivities
Favorite AR moment: Pure happiness upon realization that I actually made the group

Kevin Keller

Lawrenceburg, IN

Favorite artist: Kid Cudi
Little known fact: I grew up a Boilermaker, but no worries, I made the right choice in the end.
Career aspirations: Economic forecaster/consultant
Favorite AR moment: Colorado trip
Favorite song to perform: Stand By Me

Jake Forrestal

Cranford, NJ

Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys/NY Yankees aka America's teams
Favorite song to perform: Song for Mama
Favorite artist: The Boss... Bruce Springsteen.
Never have I ever: Touched a cat... allergies.
Favorite IU moment: The first basketball game

Jonathan Fry

Overland Park, KS

Career aspiration: 3 letters - CEO
Favorite song to perform: Dry Campus
Favorite artist: N*SYNC
Little known fact: I am an avid collector of Christmas sweaters...